Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Slave Mentality

Slave mentality is when we let them brainwash us into 'gender' empowerment initiatives that heavily fund the girl child (& instill in her the myth 'What a man can do...') and advocate for gay rights for the boy child. This is not gender empowerment and someone's killing the African boy! Kill the mentality!

Slave mentality is when my parents are forced to drop my tribal name to enable me access better education in certain schools,jobs in some offices and resources in certain regions of my country yet we are ‘one people’ when we top the world with medals. Kill the mentality!

Slave mentality is when a child is beaten up in school for speaking in their rich African language instead of the languages of colonial masters. How can we lose our rich culture & heritage under the guise of 'ending tribalism'? Kill the mentality!

Slave mentality is when you look at my natural kinky hair and black skin and associate it with poverty and illiteracy. FYI: This is English and I come from the richest continent on the planet... that's why every other race is panting for a piece of Africa. Kill the mentality!

Slave mentality is when a man's ego is bruised by a female think tank that reasons beyond her beauty, the kitchen and the bedroom. Kill the mentality!

Slave mentality is when you think its classy to feast on soft drinks and fast foods and play video games all day and shady to feed on nutritious indigenous foods harvested from our farms.Kill the mentality!

When they say that God is omnipresent, but apparently shipped theirs into Africa with a book in one hand and a gun in another. When they make us live on our knees with our eyes closed in prayer while they use guns to loot our treasure. Kill the mentality!

When they say I was created in God's image, but apparently the devil is black. My reflection when I look into the mirror is Black right... in God's image! Deal with it and Kill the mentality!
When the most  intelligent African minds are imported to ‘further’ studies and have never returned to build homeland. They live in a concrete jungle abroad in search of 'greener pastures' while the greenest pastures are in Africa. Kill the mentality!

When strong African men are brainwashed, supplied with arms to kill each other in the name of  foreign religions (they conveniently shipped some religions  into Africa... after slavery so we can subdue our spirits, numb our minds and forget the history by forgiving 77x7 times). I believe in a Supreme God that is omnipresent: He was here all through; so why do we kill each other for their gods? Free your mind and Kill the mentality!

When they call me ‘wild’ and try to ‘tame’ my free spirit using all types of ‘koks’. 'Kok' a kola and ‘dream’ to your death bed with diabetes, cancer, HBP and osteoporosis;taste some 'kok'-aine and get addicted:They feed you with poison, take snapshots of your pain, treat you with drugs from their pharmaceutical Companies and hide snapshots of their gains. 'Kok' a gun to your brothers head because his God is ‘fake’ in exchange for a piece of paper they print with a man’s face.  'Kok' a fellow man in the butt; 'kok' a sheep and be 'kokd' by a dog…all in the name of love! It's not complicated; Just kill the mentality!
The absurdity of it all is when they corrupted our minds by introducing a piece of paper with a human face on it and we went nuts! We’ve thrown all morals out the window for this ‘paper’. They take all your valuables and give you the paper in exchange. We work and walk like zombies in search for this paper. We dress in white collars like robots and refuse to play under the blue sky. Kill the mentality!

When you tell me to shut up and stop listening to the wisdom that makes me think this far :-) :-) ;-)...Could you be enslaved?... Kill the mentality! 

This is my take on slave mentality. What is yours?

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