Tuesday, 8 March 2016

To My Dear Black Child- My Original

My dear Black child, why are you often defined by the colour of your skin and not the deeds of your heart and the works of your hands? Black or coloured, you are mine. I dwell in you. You are as powerful as your colour: Embrace the original work of my hands-You.

I see you sweat from labouring every day- without equivalent reward for your toil. The skies are swelling with painful tears that fall from your eyes, from every continent of the earth: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.  I am not ready to send another storm as I did in the times of Noah your father. It will destroy everything on earth, including the works of your hands, which I pride in. Why do you despair, my child- my first born? Why do you let the devil’s deception crash your beautiful hearts and take away your blessings and pride? I see him programming you to hate your image-My image: To hate Me.
You loved the reflection of your appearance in still waters-what changed after the mirror? Haven’t I told you that the evil one comes only to steal, kill and destroy? Do not let the mirror distract you from your purpose. You are the kings and queens of the earth; the first and only of my kind: There was no other before you; there shall never be another after as original as you- my own flesh and blood. I breathed life into you: You have the power of gods and goddesses.

Do you think I was foolish to create you the way I did? You are my favourite, my first perfect creation! You are who you are because I am who I am: Original. Do you think the devil embraces the original? No! You are fearfully and wonderfully made in my likeness. You have an intimidating appearance and the devil envies you for you can never be duplicated. He will go to all lengths to destroy you, don’t be na├»ve! When I threw him onto the earth for defying me, where do you suppose he lives? You must keep your roots forever: For there shall never be another as powerful as you. Hold your head high-You are the fuel that keeps the world running: Without you; it’ll suffocate to death.  Look around you and see: Close your eyes for a moment and think. I know you understand my tongue too well.

You were my first creation: You are precious, so I gave you everything.  I purposely created you with an intimidating appearance so the devil would shake at your sight. Like the sun and the lion, I associate you with royalty, authority, majesty, dignity and stateliness. You are my image: The original. I created the art and craft in your hands; the swiftness in your feet; the music in your voice; the rhythm in your body; the science and intelligence in your head and the love and compassion in your heart. You always feel my presence when you call upon me. You are complete.

I gave you all the melanin. Your skin tone came from a fountain of all the colours of the universe. That’s why you are so beautiful!  I wake the sun closer to you. It rises from your bed and smiles at the uniqueness of my creation- you. The rainbow is my signature that I am watching over you. Do not stop looking up into the sky for my energy. You are my original, created from the most fertile soil; black-a blend of all the undefiled nutrients of the earth. You have the strongest bones and the colour of your skin is like a stubborn stain-it just never goes away!
The colour of your skin was intentional so you can camouflage with the day and night. The sun shines upon you by day while darkness hides you by night under the watchful eyes of the stars. Like warriors, you majestically walk the earth with swiftness, comfort, confidence and authority. You are powerful, a sight to behold! 

I created you with a perfect body. I took time to give you everything you needed to thrive. Besides all the colour and nutrients for your entire body, I covered your head with rich, thick and kinky hair as a symbol of royalty and strength: Just as the King of the jungle has his mane; so did I give you the lustrous hair as the Kings of not just men but also a beast. I wasn’t foolish interweaving it there- I gave you that distinct look as your royal identity. I also know the number of every hair on your body-you do not need to iron it- for you cannot count it either. Your cheekbone and full lips give a heavenly smile: Your grin beautifully set on the contrasting colour of your black skin and milk-white teeth.  Your eyes shine bright like the stars, even fireflies dance around you in wonder of your mystery. You love from your heart-deeply and genuinely. Any child born of your seed is yours: Do not envy the colour of their skin or the texture of their hair-They are a reflection of you, but you are my original. None other can reproduce the original except two originals on earth and I: The God of your forefathers.

I put you on the richest continent under the skies. Like Kings and Queens, you walk on precious stones and minerals. You have diamonds on the soles of your feet. You must thrive beyond the imaginary boundaries set by your oppressors. You ruled the jungle and walked among beasts unharmed. You commanded authority and tamed the wild, living peacefully among them. I gave you power over them for you are Kings and Queens with unmarked territories of the earth. You spread everywhere. You fed from the earth and the earth fed you, for you knew how to protect it. Protect what is yours.

I gave you strength. Your physique and handiness intimidates even the devil. Your hands are gifted: From dust you have built empires and streets of gold, stolen from the land I gave you. Pride in the work of your hands for it is all yours; do not be ashamed or intimidated by the titans. They teach you to go through hell to get to heaven- it’s all wrong: Recondition your mind and consciousness and rebuild your life.  Life is beautiful, I did not give it to you to suffer but have it abundantly. Remember the devil is a liar. He comes to steal, kill and destroy.  If your brother at all sold you out into slavery-it was for a reason. Do you remember the story of David? It is all written-read it with wisdom. Do not despair: You are a ruler in the Kingdom that your own built from dust. Take up responsibilities with confidence and authority. Protect your Queens and goddesses: You are the Kings, gods and warriors- not warlords. Settle your conflicts without guns. Let your fists only meet in greetings and unity. I put the most powerful weapon in your mind-use it collectively as a team. Re-educate each other from centuries of deception. The devil is the father of all lies and a drama queen-ignore his memes and seek the truth- It'll set you free.

You are the shapeliest of all humankind. I moulded you in perfect proportions: Look at your arms, look at your chest; look at your hips; look at your legs; look between your powerful legs; look at your feet.  You are fast, always the first: Besides, who bolts the earth? Have you seen another of your kind? The envious ones botch their bodies to look as shapely as you! Even I wonder why they slice their bottoms and patch them on their faces! Do not blame me for the lifestyle choices you have made. If you have altered my creation and lost your look, take responsibility and retract your steps to originality. Your uniqueness is yours-fall in love with it!

You have the gift of tongues- master the languages of your oppressors.  It may have been forced upon you, but look at the brighter side:  You now understand their secrets. Pride in your rich native languages spoken in thousands of mother tongues in your land. Pass it down the generations-it is your inheritance. Stand together and keep your secrets in your tongues as a weapon to the freedom I created you to enjoy. Do not be like clanging cymbals with your words-speak wisdom or remain silent.  You are intelligent-get as much knowledge as you can-for it is power. Ignorance will wipe you from the face of the earth faster than any plaque.

I created you free and talented.  In Music: You sing like angels. Your body is naturally rhythmical-even the wind cannot resist dancing as you move to the tune of your rich voices and drum beats. You are mesmerizing to watch!

 In Art: You blend colours of the universe and paint the world as if you were reading my mind. In poetry: You recite the words that flow from the core of your hearts, melt even the coldest of hearts with passion. In Science: your profound knowledge of deriving food and medicine from herbs and trees has intimidated even the devil, who thinks he’s the father of all Science. To destroy your environment, he is luring you to cut down the very herbs and trees; replacing the rich earth with concrete. Where will the crickets, earthworms and burrowing creatures live? Where will your medicine come from? Have you seen how the sun glares at you all day, begging you to stop? Where will the fish and the birds of the air live when you destroy their homes?

Black man, I created you as a Protector, Provider and King. As the pillar of society you valued family, you marked your territory, you knew how to respect and earn respect. Why did you forget your role and let the devil seduce your women with little earthly goodies? Do not let the devil push you into undignified behaviour and break the family unit- your stronghold. I see the painful tears of your women and children begging you to stand up and lead the way. Get up, dust yourself and take up your rightful position before the devil inherits your family and everything I gave you. The blame game will only widen the gap; seek my face and seal the gap-it is not too late. Use love as your weapon-not hate.

Beware that when I kicked the Titans from the heavens; they took the human form and docked on your waters. They were dumbfounded by your naked beauty and fertile land. Being the lustful souls with a confused sexuality, they forced you to cover yourself out of the shame of their own sin. How could they focus on stealing your treasures with you surrounding them with your beautiful nakedness? Out of your naivety, you welcomed them to your serene environment and showed them all your possessions and freedom you had. What did they do in return? They covered your body and your mind. Now they roam around in broad daylight like haunted spirits, devouring everything I gave you. Black man; where is your land, your Queens, your sons, your daughters, your livestock and your wildlife? Is it not restricted someplace or being controlled somewhere? Where’s your freedom my child?
I created the earth and all that’s in it so you could see and experience it in fullness-it is yours. The devil hates you immensely and will do anything to have control over you. He robs you in broad daylight with a valueless piece of paper. Open your mind, use your gifts and protect what is rightfully yours.Why do you accept less value yet you feed the world?

 Remember: You are the roots of the earth and if the roots do not feed nutrients to the tree; the tree suffocates, eats into itself and withers out. You are the gatekeeper of your mind-guard what goes in and what comes out through your mouth.  You are who you are because I am who I am: The Original-The God of your forefathers. Do not be fooled that I wasn’t there before the ships came into dock. I am always with you-Forever yours: God of your forefathers.


PS: I understand you have plans to migrate to another of my planets- do not be deceived. I was not a fool creating life on earth. Can you not see what evil has already been done to you on earth? Remember, Titans can transform themselves into human beings so you can worship them. I am still a jealous God and YOU are MY ORIGINAL. Do not fall to their deception.


  1. I will have to reread this after my classes today.

    1. It'll be an honour Davey. Your feedback will be highly appreciated too. Thanks.